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About Glip

Making the world more productive, one team at a time.

Glip is your team's conversation platform to plan, share & organize work. We designed Glip so that teams can jump right in, with zero learning curve, and do better work together. No technical skills are required to use Glip, and it boosts your productivity from the very first user. Glip removes communication barriers with built-in text and video chat and includes file sharing, tasks management, shared calendars and more, all seamlessly integrated.

With Glip, every user can easily see the context of work activities and related conversation. Gone is the frustration with email and other software that wastes your time when you are looking for that important file, or that buried message.

Glip helps you organize your work around your conversations. All the basic tools you need to get your work done are right there in the stream, and you don’t have to worry about where or with whom to share because it all happens naturally, as a bi-product of your communication.

For those still attached to your email, Glip is seamlessly integrated with your inbox. Co-workers and vendors can interact with you right from your inbox, blending right into the conversation, and you still get all the benefits of Glip’s powerful and easy-to-use tools.

With Glip, teams can take advantage of their natural workflow from concept to completion, improving performance and keeping everyone in sync. And that is what Glipping is all about.

Why Glip

Since the beginning, conversations have been the natural way of getting things done, together – what we now call collaboration. As people talk, they stumble upon ideas that motivate them to take action. They create teams to help them organize the work around those ideas. Teams share knowledge, plan the days ahead, debate on how to overcome obstacles, decide who has to do what (and by when) and, and as a result, innovation is born.

Glip is built as a conversation platform, with text and video chat at its core. We believe that the conversation is the foundation of business performance. It is in the conversation that ideas are debated, problems are solved, and cultures are developed. Some collaboration solutions put files, tasks, or projects at the center of business performance. Then, the communication around those elements is bolted on through email notifications or other messaging technologies that keep the team informed, but do not allow for a natural flow of inventiveness and creativity. Glip unleashes the free flow of communication within your team, and drives natural processes within the conversation, so nothing is lost, including the cultural pillars of your success.

Our conversation platform comes with simple yet powerful apps built right in. File sharing, collaborative task management, shared calendars, and automatic version control are all integrated into each conversation, so your work lives in the context of the inputs, interactions and decisions that informed its creation. That means that you can save time in reviewing where things stand at any given moment, and make better decisions with your team. As a platform, Glip is designed to easily allow the development of additional specialized apps tailored to your specific needs. And with Glip, you will be able to boost your productivity, because it’s all right there at your fingertips, shared with the right people, and always on.

The Story of Glip

Glip is the result of more than 20 years of research and development in the area of real-time communication. We developed an IM solution in 1992 before IM became popular. We were the first to implement real-time communication in our ground-breaking work that created the online fantasy sports business at, acquired by CBS Sportsline. In 2004 we invented the social feed as part of, a social network that was also the first to offer the ability to share photos, videos, blogs and more as an integrated experience. Multiply grew to support over 20 million users and was acquired by Naspers in 2010.

We have also had experience in serving business customers around the world. One of our founders was president of Ask Jeeves Business Solutions, as well as Chief Strategy Officer of Ask Jeeves, Inc. As far back as 1999, we were doing SaaS before there was a name for it, serving Fortune 500 companies. In 2012 we decided that with our collective experience, it was time to bring to market a revolutionary way of collaborating on work with one powerful conversation platform based on natural flows and real-time communication.

We hope you will join the conversation revolution and enjoy Glipping your way to success.

Peter Pezaris, Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Pezaris was the founder and CEO of Multiply, an innovation leader in both social networking and social commerce. In 2010, Pezaris sold Multiply to Naspers, Inc. one of the world’s leading media and e-commerce companies. Before Multiply, Pezaris founded, a company that revolutionized the world of online fantasy sports. provided the official fantasy games for CBS,,,, and Major League Baseball. Pezaris later sold the company to CBS, Inc. Pezaris has also served as a Systems and Software Developer for the Investment Banking Firms of Bankers Trust and Salomon Brothers. He is a Carnegie Mellon University graduate, with degrees in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics.

Claudio Pinkus, Founder & Chief Operations Officer

Before founding Glip, Pinkus was Chief Strategy Officer at Multiply, Inc. Prior to Multiply, Pinkus was an Angel investor and advisor, assisting companies such as Zvents (acquired by eBay) and Trustnode (Series A funded). Earlier, Pinkus held positions as Chief Strategy Officer and President of Ask Jeeves Business Solutions. During his tenure at Ask Jeeves, Pinkus executed the acquisition of Interactive Search Holdings—a move that doubled the company’s market share in search and doubled its market cap. He was also responsible for securing a lucrative revenue partnership with Google which netted the company $1 billion in revenues over a three year period. Pinkus serves on multiple Boards, including Become, Inc. and Spotlight Ticket Management, Inc. He attended UCLA, where he studied chemistry and computer science.

Dave Hersh, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

Hersh leads Glip’s product design and strategy, ensuring that the product is aligned with customer needs. Prior to Glip, Hersh held positions as Chief Product Officer at Multiply, Vice President of Fantasy Sports for, and handled both product and business development responsibilities at Prior to his life as an entrepreneur, Hersh was a systems consultant at American Management Systems and a developer at IBM. He received an MBA and a B.S. in Information Systems from Carnegie Mellon University.

Patrick Carmitchel, Product Evangelist

As Product Evangelist, Carmitchel is in charge of communicating Glip’s vision and the power of Glip to transform SMB communications. Prior to joining the Glip team, Carmitchel was Co-founder and CEO of Fusion Monarch, Inc., a digital agency that innovated SMB team collaboration in 2010 with the release of Rule, a SaaS startup and forerunner in end-to-end SMB productivity. Rule software has been used by over 20,000 companies worldwide. Prior to the release of Rule, Patrick served as production director and head of accounts for the digital agency side of Fusion Monarch and Umedia Concepts, where he managed marketing and re-branding campaigns and built SaaS based and niche community startups like DatingDNA, the most popular social dating service on iPhone in 2010. Carmitchel holds a degree in Business Administration High Technology from Cal State San Marcos.